6 Stretches for Healthy Knees

Our bodies are a pretty amazing system. When some part hurts, especially a joint, it will almost always affect other parts of your body.

Let’s focus on our knees. If one knee hurts and you are favoring it (which happens naturally when you have pain), you are likely adjusting your body to compensate…ankle, hip, lower back.

It is a chain, called the kinetic chain, and all is interlinked. One way to keep your kinetic chain – from ankle to lower back – happy is to stretch regularly.

I put together this video of 6 basic stretches for you to do daily. I bet that you will feel an improvement in your joint within just a week of stretching daily. Now doesn’t that sound good?

If you have any comments or questions about the stretches, please leave them below.

(Side note, I will be out of the country for the 2nd half of May and will post answers when I return).

Happy Stretching!

~Coach Robin

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