Do your Knees Hurt?

I am very excited to announce that our Healthy Knees Cycling Camp is on the schedule and ready for enrollment!
This 5 week camp meets 2X per week to help you and your knees feel better.

Most of you know that I have had 8 knee surgeries…
but still have my own knees. I’m 53 years old and have always been an athlete, even with these bad knees, and I want to share how to do this with others.

I got the news at age 24 that If I wanted to walk when I was 30, I needed to stop all impact sports due to severe arthritis in one of my knees (I was a skier and ran competitively for WWU ‘s track and cross-country teams at the time). This was crushing news!  I switched to bicycling and I am absolutely convinced that I still have functioning knees due to the years of bicycling I have done.


I’m so passionate helping people with knee issues that I have developed indoor cycling programs that focus on good form and building strength. I have led the “Cycle Moles” indoor cycling program at the Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness for eight years and I’ve taken that experience plus years of cycling and coaching to create the “Healthy Knees Cycling Camp.” I’m also a certified ACE Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist, and Level 2 USA Cycling Coach.


From achy joints, to preparing for or rehabbing after surgery, to arthritis…Healthy Kneed Cycling Camp is for anyone with clearance from their doctor to participate in non-impact activity.

• Bike Fit:   proper set-up of the bike for correct foot, knee, and hip alignment are key to comfort. I do this privately with each participant.
• Proper Tension:   Too much tension on the bike is hard on the knee joint; too little tension gives opportunity for bad form and knee injury. Our bikes have “shifters” with gear numbers so you know exactly where you are.
• Pedal Speed:   We teach participants how to pedal at the speed that supports their knee movement. Most people come in pedaling way too slowly with too much force. Our bikes have cadence meters so you know exactly how fast you are pedaling.

The 5 week Healthy Knees Camp meets 2X per week, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am –indoors – for a total of 10 sessions. We start with 30 minutes and build up to 45 minutes while practicing the pedal speed and tension drills to build strength, endurance, and improve knee health. With interest, other times will be available. Camps start on 9/15, 10/22, and 12/1.

I am looking forward to helping folks who suffer from knee pain to show them there is a way to reduce pain and stay active!

Check it out – just click over to your right on the picture of Cycle Moles Indoor Training For Outdoor Adventure and you’ll see all of our Cycle Moles offerings.



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