The Asteroid Year

Hello again…

I’ve been quiet for some time and I’m finally ready to talk about it.

It was a year that I got through, another year to recover, and a year to ramp back up. I’ve learned now not to underestimate an emotional toll…

Alright, here’s what happened.

2013 was shaping up to be a spectacular year.  I had it lined up to film and produce the first Cycle Moles Videos and was so excited to think that I might be able to help more people get on their bikes and use the Cycle Moles program to get stronger, faster and in better cycling shape than they’ve ever been in.


The stones kept raining down…

So much happened in a matter of 4 months that I’m just going to sum it up and not go into details:

  • My husband had a bad bike crash and suffered a severe concussion (thank goodness for his helmet & no broken bones)
  • My 97 year old mom (who lived with us), was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She passed away, peacefully at home, 3 months later
  • My son totalled a car (but he was OK)
  • My daughter discovered a lump on her throat that turned out to be Thyroid Cancer and had surgery just before moving to Vietnam.

Wow.  My world slowed to taking just the next step each day. Somehow in the middle of all of that, I produced the Power to Pedal videos, but I didn’t share the love and care for the cycling that I intended to.

I now look back at 2014 and realize that I needed to just recover from the emotional toll of the previous year.  I did not have the energy to do extra things.  I started ramping up in 2015 and here we are WITH EXCITING NEWS…

I’ve written a fitness book about cycling and it will became available on January 14th.  It even hit BEST SELLER on Amazon in 5 Countries (US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Australia!)

Check it out here:

I am wishing YOU a happy and healthy 2016 filled with good energy and adventure!


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