Healthy Knees

Last Minute Opportunity

Posted by on 5 June at 5:44 pm

Want to take the first step in becoming the “go-to” knee expert?

Come to my Healthy Knees Coach: Cycling Specialist workshop, 8am – 5pm, June 12, at Arizona State University in Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona.  Price is $199

It’s for trainers who:

  • have clients who complain of hip or knee pain
  • have clients who can’t jump, can’t run, can’t lunge
  • who want to learn how to use cycling as training tool
  • want to build an entirely new revenue stream with small or large group cycling
  • want to attract the “boomer” generation
  • want programs for competitive cyclists
  • want to become the “Go-to” Knee Expert


What you’ll learn in the workshop:

  • Bike Fit:  Interview & Body to Bike Parameters
  • Troubleshooting on-bike knee pain: Top of knee, front of knee, back of knee, sides of knee
  • Body Position 6 Point Check
  • Coaching New Cyclists and Weak Clients
  • Elements of Coaching How to Stand (critical for new/weak clients!)
  • Teaching Pedal Stroke:  Why too fast or too slow can be dangerous
  • Analyzing Form
  • Program Design and Your Role as a Coach



  • Earn 0.8 CECs with NASM for the Workshop
  • Full access to the on-line Cycling Certification program (CECs pending)


Interested?  Contact me quickly!  Robin



6 Stretches for Healthy Knees

Posted by on 6 May at 3:10 pm

Our bodies are a pretty amazing system. When some part hurts, especially a joint, it will almost always affect other parts of your body.

Let’s focus on our knees. If one knee hurts and you are favoring it (which happens naturally when you have pain), you are likely adjusting your body to compensate…ankle, hip, lower back.

It is a chain, called the kinetic chain, and all is interlinked. One way to keep your kinetic chain – from ankle to lower back – happy is to stretch regularly.

I put together this video of 6 basic stretches for you to do daily. I bet that you will feel an improvement in your joint within just a week of stretching daily. Now doesn’t that sound good?

If you have any comments or questions about the stretches, please leave them below.

(Side note, I will be out of the country for the 2nd half of May and will post answers when I return).

Happy Stretching!

~Coach Robin

Do you have sore knees? [video help]

Posted by on 29 April at 2:11 pm

Last week several people happened to mention they had sore knees and were wondering what exercises they could do to ease the pain.

I know something about knees – I have terrible arthritis in my left knee, have had 6 surgeries (left knee) and 2 surgeries (right knee).  I can’t do any impact sports.

I’m happy to say that I still have my own knees (but yes, am “on deck” for a knee replacement someday).  My orthopedic surgeon recently told me that

                             I would have had to have my knee replaced 10 years ago 

                                      if it weren’t for my bicycling and staying lean.  

OK, I figure that is pretty good and I still say that cycling is the key for my healthy knees.

But what if you aren’t a cyclist?

Here are 8 of the exercises that I do to keep my knees strong.  I don’t just cycle, I know that strength training is as important as anything else.

8 Exercises to Help your Sore Knees



If you have any questions for me or comments you’d like to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks!