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Quick Indoor Interval Workout

Posted by on 21 January at 4:06 pm

It’s been cold and wet and discouraging to ride outside, so let’s have some fun indoors!

Here is a workout you can do inside – on your trainer, on a stationary bike, on a treadmill, or elliptical. The key is interval training to get your heart rate up. You can add or take away from the intervals:

Warm up 5 – 10 Minutes
5 Sets (15 minutes)
3 Min Intervals:  2 Min Easy, 30 seconds HARD, 30 Seconds VERY HARD.
Cool Down 5 – 10 minutes.

HARD and VERY HARD can be either faster or with more resistance.
Let me know how it goes!


Cycle Moles Camps are Now Enrolling!

Posted by on 30 August at 12:02 am

How fast the fall sneaks up on us!

Our “live” Cycle Moles Training Camps
are now open for enrollment.

Click here to reserve one of our new Keiser M3 bikes!

All of our Cycle Moles camps are created to help you become a stronger more confident cyclist – whether indoors or outside.  Our Cycle Moles coaches are all seasoned cyclists who have had racing experience.

What is different about the Cycle Moles Training Camps than any other “spinning class”?

  • We are not cheerleaders on bikes.  We are certified coaches and personal trainers who understand cycling and want to share the secrets we’ve learned about riding a bike
  • We help you to learn good technique that will improve your comfort on the bike both indoors and out.
  • The twice per week training of Cycle Moles camps is a planned progression with built in recovery rides.  You don’t need to worry about how hard to work – we’ve already built that in for you.
  • We cover hill climbing techniques, pedaling techniques, how to get more power, building stamina and endurance – both physically and mentally
  • We’ll share lots of tidbits about nutrition, hydration, places to ride, how to prepare for weather, cycle touring & commuting, and so much more!
  • Heart rate and power threshold assessments
  • Form assessments (how you sit on the bike)
  • Plus every training session is a great workout!

We offer 2 levels of Cycle Moles Camps:

Level 1

Level 1 is the perfect camp for fitness enthusiasts and recreational cyclists.  You always are in control of how hard you work.  Our cycling coaches will help you to understand exactly what to do, how to ride your bike comfortably, and get stronger  with every training session.

  • 60 minute sessions include 50-55 minutes on the bike followed by stretching.

==> Click here to learn more

Level 2

Level 2 is geared for the seasoned athlete or the cyclist that wants a longer training time on the bike to maintain and improve your level of fitness.  Our cycling coaches will challenge you to build your endurance ability to produce and maintain your power.

  • 90 minute sessions include 70-75 minutes on the bike followed by “the CORE 100” and stretching.

==> Click here to learn more



Recipe for my favorite post-ride drink

Posted by on 10 April at 12:46 am

Well no, it’s not a bottle opener and a beer.  At least not my immediate post ride drink. =-)bike beer

First of all, why do you care about a post-exercise recovery drink?

After you exercise, you have about  a 30 minute window where your body is more receptive to refueling….that is replacing your glycogen stores in your muscles.

Why do you care about this?
  Because if you do it, you’ll feel better tomorrow.  You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll exercise better.  And have more energy.

Your body primarily uses either stored fat (adipose tissue) or stored carbohydrates (glycogen) as fuel for your muscles and all the activities you do.  Since the ability to store glycogen is limited (you only store in your muscles and liver), you want to pack it in when you have the chance.

If you are one of those people who likes to go hard, you need to help your body do this the best you can.  By being smart about your nutrition, you can help your body to recover more quickly and be ready to go again.

So, what do you do?
  Experts say that your best chance to restock your glycogen stores is within 30- 60 minutes of your exercise.  And you’ll want a 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein.

Here is my favorite post-ride smoothie – it’s a 4 to 1 carb to protein ratio, so it’s just what we want- but keep in mind that it packs about 500 calories and so it is best after a couple hour ride.

Robin’s Chocolate-Banana-Peanut Butter Smoothie

In your blender:
1 Banana (I like to use a frozen banana)
2 TB Peanut Butter
1 Scoop Hammer Protein Powder (vanilla or plain)
12 oz. CHOCOLATE Almond Milk

Delicious and satisfying!
If you used a fresh banana, throw in some ice cubes to give it that milk-shakey consistency.

On a personal note, I really like the Hammer Nutrition products.  Especially the protein powder – it doesn’t ever leave me with that protein powder after taste or after burps (that’s groreferral-discount hammer logoss).  They use real ingredients in their products – not a bunch of unpronounceable gunk.

And, since I have connections with them, if you want to check it out, you get 15% off your first order!
Show me Hammer Nutrition