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3 Tips & Training Plan for a Century Ride

Posted by on 24 March at 4:22 pm

Do you want to ride a 100 mile event this summer?

It’s that time of year where there is a hint of spring in the air and the possibilities of fun in the summer sun open before us.

Leadville Staging east

Leadville 100 Mt. Bike Race Staging

So if you are planning on riding a big event, fundraiser, or tour this summer (OR EVEN THE SKI TO SEA RACE in Bellingham at the end of May), now is the time to start your training.

If you’ve ever been on an extended ride you’ll know that one of the first complaints will come from your hind end.  It takes some time to build up the, ahem, “tolerance”  (and a good pair of cycling shorts goes a long way).

Here are 4 tips that will help you meet your goal ride and feel good about it.

1)  Get a Good Bike Fit

You’ll want to be as comfortable on your bike as you can be when you ride mile after mile.  If your knees or back or shoulders or wrists bug you on short rides, it only gets amplified on long rides.  If you haven’t ever had your bike adjusted for you, it is well worth the time and money to have this done.  Some bicycle shops will do this for free or charge a fee depending on how in depth they will go.

Locally, I suggest you see Thierry at Fairhaven Bike & Ski for a professional bike fit (call to make an appointment).  Or, for a more brief version, I can do a quick bike fit for you at the Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness (also call for an appointment).

2) 4 to 6 Days per week:  Mix Short and Long Days

For us working folks, getting in long rides mid-week can be a challenge.  So here is what I suggest:  use your mid week shorter rides for interval training, improving your pedaling mechanics, and expanding your aerobic base.  You can even do this on a trainer indoors.  That will guarantee you’ll get the focus you need.

The Power to Pedal 6 video series is designed specifically to help you with this.  Check it out ==>  (6 videos for just $59 – plus some cool bonuses.)

About a month before your event, you can mix in higher intensity aerobic/anaerobic threshold work.

3) Give Yourself 3 – 4 Months

You don’t want to just “survive” a century ride, you want to feel good.  To do this you need to be able to build your training volume over a few months to work up toward 100 miles.

Here is a general 15 week plan for mileage based on training 4 – 5 days per week.  You’ll see that I added in an actual century during your training.  What??  Why!!  To give you confidence.  That way when the big day comes, you KNOW you’ll be able to do it.  I would not suggest riding 100 miles the weekend before your event, but a few weeks out will give you time to taper, then enjoy the exciting day.

If you don’t have the full 15 weeks for your training plan, then stop at week 12 which is the 100 mile training ride – that will be your century.

Week Long Day Total Miles












































Century Ride!


Happy Riding!

Coach Robin

7 Tips for Bike Comfort

Posted by on 18 March at 5:08 pm

I often get asked about how to be more comfortable on a bike.

Yes… it does take a little time to get your hiney used to the saddle.

BUT how you set up your bike and HOW your sit on your saddle will make a world of difference.

Check out this video with 7 tips for bike comfort:


Now that you are comfortable on your bike…

You can try out my FREE 30 Minute “Smart Start” video.  Get instant access by entering your email in the box at the top of the right hand column  ===>

21 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Posted by on 17 March at 3:21 pm

Just like you, there are days when I just don’t feel like exercising.

Take yesterday, for instance.  I had risen at 5am to get to the airport in San Diego for my return flight to Bellingham.  I had a fantastic – but tiring – 10 days of 2 conferences + tennis camp/tournament at PNB Paribas in Indian Wells.  OK, it wasn’t ALL work :-).

– see the picture to the right – I got to try some crazy equipment at the IHRSA conference……

Robin is about to pedal into orbit...or something

I am in a bicycle pod, about to pedal into orbit…or something

But travelling and being away can be draining.

As we arrive back home, we are greeted by grey skies and pouring rain.  Not exactly inspiring weather to be outside.

And then there is the mundane – unpacking, laundry, mail…..

By 5:30 pm I still hadn’t exercised and REALLY didn’t feel like it.

It helps when you have a buddy (that would be my husband) to prod you along..and off the couch.

So we both went to our creepy dark basement, set up our bikes on trainers, and did a sweat inducing indoor cycling ride.

Why did I get moving?  Well yesterday it was because I knew I’d feel better, my husband was encouraging me, my knees were achy, and I wanted to burn the calories.

HERE ARE 21 MOTIVATIONAL TIPS that may just help you get off the couch.

And I’d love to hear about your motivational ideas too – just leave a comment below!

1.  You’ll feel better.   This is my #1 reason to exercise.  I always feel better after a good workout.  You get the happy endorphins flowing and your mood is instantly brighter.  Plus you know you’ve done something good for your body.

2.  You’ll burn calories.  Exercise is one of the best ways to manage your weight.  The more you exercise, the more calories you’ll burn.  And the more intensely you exercise the more you’ll burn during the time you are working out.

3.  You never regret the workouts you do, only the ones you miss.

4.  The time will pass and either you get the benefits of exercise or you don’t.  Since exercise will always help you to have a healthier life, choose to exercise.  Are you going to choose lazy and fat or energetic and lean?

5.  Stress Relief.  When you are carrying a load on your shoulders, exercise is one of the best ways to release that stress.  Again, let’s be thankful for endorphins.

6.  Look in the Mirror.  If you are trying to change your shape with fat loss or increased muscle tone, it won’t happen when you sit on the couch.  Get off the couch and move toward your “skinny jeans.”

7.  Look in your Medicine Cabinet.  You can reduce or eliminate some medications by becoming healthier through exercise.  Save yourself gobs of money that you’ll spend on health care and expensive prescriptions by improving your health one day at a time… get moving.  Spend that money instead on a fun, active vacation!

8.  Start with just 10 minutes.  If you really are struggling with the idea of a workout, just commit to 10 minutes.  Chances are that once you get going you’ll keep going.  And who doesn’t have just 10 minutes?  10 minutes for your health are better than zero.

9.  Time to Think.  I love letting my mind wander while I workout.  When else do you get the luxury during the day to do this?  Some of my best ideas come to me while exercising.

10.  A Gift to Yourself.  It is all about you and probably the best thing you do for yourself all day.  As you make yourself stronger and healthier, you’ll be better equipped to help others.

11.  Register for an Event.  Events, like a 5 K or a charity ride 50 or 100 miler, provide motivation to stay on track with your training.  The event will arrive and you’ll feel so much better if you have trained well for it.  Create a training plan for your event and stick to it.

12.  Find a Workout Buddy.  Working out with a friend will help you motivate each other.

13.  Hire a Coach or Personal Trainer.  The expertise of a coach or personal trainer will help you get results faster and keep you accountable.

14.  Sign up for a Class.  The camaraderie of the group provides loads of energy.  Plus they might wonder where you are if you miss out.  Working out with friends is fun.

15.  Take a “Before” Picture.  Put the picture where you see it regularly to motivate you to keep up the exercise.  Then take pictures as you make progress to show how far you’ve come.

16.  Keep an Exercise Journal.  Just writing it down keeps you accountable. And if you are trying to lose weight, keep a food log too.  Daily, write down what you eat, exercise activities and time, and how you feel.

17.  Weigh & Measure Yourself.  Just weigh yourself once per week and measure your waist.  You’ll be motivated to see the numbers decrease and know it is time to get serious about your eating and exercise if they don’t.

18.  Age with Ease.  I don’t know of anyone who relishes the thought of getting older, achy, and slow.  You can limit this with regular exercise.  I want to be able to keep up with my kids and (future) grandkids – and I need to be fit and healthy to do so.  I don’t want to be slow and stooped and I don’t want to be on a pile of medications. That is motivation to continue a regular exercise program.

19.  The Lethargy from Not Exercising.  You know that feeling…the heaviness in your body.  I know that as soon as I exercise that feeling will be gone.

20.  Your Bones Feel Better.  I have arthritis in my knees and if I don’t exercise my joints begin to hurt.  Keeping moving helps your joints to generate healthy joint fluid to keep them lubricated and moving easily.

21.  It’s an Accomplishment.  You can pat yourself on the back every time you exercise.  We all need to have “wins” in our life and this is a big one you can have every day.


If you need a motivational indoor cycling workout try this: