Success Stories

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Cheryl M.

“My husband and I recently took a cycling trip from Prague to Vienna.  Among our group of eight, I never expected to be among the strongest riders, but I was! I was surprised to find that, hill after hill, I was pedaling up faster, easily passing other riders who were tiring out. The Cycle Moles training definitely prepared me for this event. I learned so much about how to pedal more efficiently, attack hills, and learned how hard I could push. The improved strength and stamina I built in Cycle Moles directly translated to having a lot more fun and success on this trip.” – Cheryl M.

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Doug R.

Great program. Best way to use the dark winter months to develop a solid base for the upcoming years.

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Diane Rappaport

Invaluable training !  Anyone who rides tours/ races would benefit tremendously with this high level training!

What I liked most about Cycle Moles ….
1.The structure of the class,4 months of periodation
2. Emphasis on cadence/ heart rate, proper riding technique.
3 .Flow of the music- & the music was fun!
4. Instructors were knowledgeable and fun!

hummm…focusing on cadence for me was key, while keeping within a spcified heartrate/ level of exertion

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Jeff Parks

Not as hard as you might think, more fun than you might expect, and worth more than the price of admission! I liked the challenging workouts, followed by the core 100.  Provided a great addition to exercise program, plus the practical benefits for cycling season.

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Cindy Macklin

Cycle Moles provides an excellent means of maintaining and improving cycling fitness as well as its applications to other sports. I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to stay fit when winter months prevent outdoor cycling or as a means for those not familiar with cycling fitness programs to develop the skills to advance their athletic and cycling abilities.  The workouts are great, the music and the time put into the class, the enthusiasm.  All very good.  Improved cardiovascular and strength on the bike and in general.  Very Motivational.

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Andrew Layton

This class makes sure you push yourself to a much higher level of fitness than doing any exercise on your own. At the same time you have a great social atmosphere and a chance to meet new friends.

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Brent Richardson

I had let my busy and stressful work schedule coupled with an injury take me out of exercising and training.  While still far from where I was prior to the injury Cycle Moles has got me back on track to get and stay healthy.  The perfect springboard I needed. What I liked most about the Cycle Moles Training Camp is the process. You can really feel how the form building to base building to strength building benefits the body. The workouts are hitting their designed goals.

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Nate Hughes

The Cycle Moles program is a great opportunity to get a structured training session in. And with the 100 core exercises and stretching at the end of every class- you will get a very rounded workout! Not to mention the great chief moles that teach the classes who will help you every pedal of the way.

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Kristin Reid

Cycle Moles is by far the best fitness class I have ever been in. Not only do Robin and Nicole teach you about proper riding technique, each class is an absolutely amazing workout! Unlike every class I have ever done, I was never bored. Each class is very different and they are always focusing on different areas to make you a more efficient and stronger rider. I can’t recommend this class enough! It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or have been riding for years – you will benefit from this class!

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Erika Flint

Last weekend I was able to ride from Fairhaven up the steep hills to Lake Padden without stopping.  The training in Cycle Moles has definitely improved my hill climbing ability and stamina.

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Terry Teed

Cycle Moles is the most dynamic, productive, and cost-effective skilled physical training that I have ever experienced.  Led by superb coaches, it truly not only enhances cycling performance, but overall physical and mental confidence and well-being

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Michael Pearce

I’m not a racer or really a road cyclist for that matter. I took this class to help my cardiovascular health, as well as maybe drop a couple of pounds or so.  After taking the course, I find myself thinking about maybe purchasing a road bike – not quite sure. However, I am confident that I’ll definitely be more efficient with my commuter bike as I ride to and from work in the upcoming Spring and Summer months. Taking this course is great for cyclists who want to hone their riding skills or a novice like myself who just really was looking for something to add a jump start to my overall health and exercise routine.

Genissa S.

I really enjoyed the variety of workouts – it is impossible to get bored when you never do the same thing twice. I also love the fact that it is up to me to decide what intensity level I feel up to working at on any given night – no trying to keep up with people that I just can’t keep up with

Stowe Talbot

Cycle Moles helps keep me motivated and fit during the dark cold winter months. I enjoy the group setting, varied workouts keep it interesting, and excellent instruction.”